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Early Childhood Education – Games for Pre-Schoolers

Dedicated preschool educators are always on the lookout for creative teaching materials. They understand that preschool students learn best when they are engaged and interested in the lesson. For example, a preschool student may not remember the letters of the alphabet if he or she simply repeats them. Alternatively, many preschool students remember the letters of the alphabet if they are incorporated into a catchy song. In addition, some preschool teachers opt to teach each letter of the alphabet by connecting it with an interesting subject. For instance, an instructor teaching a preschool class about the letter C may bring a stack of photos containing a coyote, a cat, and a caterpillar. By pairing the letter with an animal’s picture, the educator is creating a connection in the mind of his or her students. In short, when they see a caterpillar they’ll be likely to remember that the word begins with the letter C. Of course, each preschool student learns in his or her own way. Some preschoolers absorb a lot of new vocabulary by listening to stories with colorful illustrations. Other preschool children learn best when they are working with their hands. For instance, a student with this learning style may enjoy putting together theme jigsaw puzzles. At the preschool level, children are just beginning to form their own learning styles. Successful preschool teachers recognize that not all of their students learn in the same way. Consequently, they come up with some imaginative teaching methods for their preschool classroom. The following are some engaging activities, games, songs, and lessons that preschool educators may want to try with their students.

Activities with a Garden Theme for Children

Find several simple activities for young children that teach them about gardens and growing.

Animal Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids

A polar bear, a tortoise, penguins, and other animals are the stars of these jigsaw puzzles that children can piece together.

A Hands-On Learning Activity with a Dolphin Theme

A selection of worksheets, coloring pages, activities featuring a dolphin, and more to help introduce the letter D to preschoolers.

Read and Learn about Animal Sounds

Discover a collection of animals that preschoolers can click on to learn the sounds they make.

A Matching Game for Kids

Play an online game that will help kids with their memory skills as well as allow them to learn some important facts.

A Shape Game

Find the directions to a game in which children learn about shapes in a fun way.

Practice with Circles

Teachers will find instructions as well as a list of the necessary materials for this fun frog activity that helps a child learn to make circles and use safe scissors.

A Journal Project Involving Insects

Learn about a lesson plan for preschoolers that involves observing insects and introduces them to journaling.

A Collection of Lesson Ideas for Preschoolers

Find ideas for preschool classes written by preschool educators that are fun and can help develop language and writing skills.

Books on the Alphabet

A selection of books with seasonal themes that help educators teach preschool students the alphabet in a creative way.

Classic Stories and Coloring Activities

View a large collection of stories for young children that have pages that can be colored.

Rhyming Practice

View a group of rhymes that may be used in combination with a jump rope activity. Young kids are learning rhymes and getting physical exercise as well!

A Story about Firefighters

Listen to a story that helps kids learn about what firefighters do when they receive a call to put out a fire.  

An Online Learning Activity that Teaches Colors

A child clicks a color on this page and learns to choose the correct objects to put in a box.

Rhyming with Mother Goose

Preschool children learn rhyming sounds and hear interesting stories with this collection of Mother Goose rhymes.

Learning about Insects with an Online Activity

Kids can hear and learn about insects via this engaging animated story.

Fun Shapes Lessons

Teachers will see a variety of games and activities that will help preschoolers learn their shapes.

Making the Alphabet

Learn forty ways that preschool children can learn the letters of the alphabet by creating them out of different materials such as cereal, chalk, and seeds.