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Children’s Guide to Geography

Geography is the study of planet Earth’s lands, places, people and environments. Learning about geography encourages children to explore their environment and develop awareness for the areas they come in contact with everyday. To help children better understand geography, educators and parents use a combination of reading materials, lesson plans, games and other learning tools. Hands-on activities in the child’s own environment also create rich learning experiences. Use the following web resources to assist your child in the education of geography.

KidsGeo – Geography for Kids
Information, photos and educational games about the creation of the earth, its size and shape, rocks and the atmosphere.

National Geographic Kids
Features different cultures, places and animals each month with activities, videos, games and facts for children.

Atlapedia Online
Geography maps, figures and facts on economy, climate, language, people, religion and the history of every country.

U.S. Census Bureau – Kid’s Corner
Statistical information on United States population, languages spoken at home, school enrollments, age, number of households and state facts.

Central Intelligence Agency – World Exploration Quiz
Test your geography know-how by completing this online quiz that contains information on government, people, economy and communications.

United States Color Landform Atlas
Full color or black and white maps of each of the fifty states, including satellite images, county boundaries and specialized maps.

Geo Game – An Interactive Game for the Web
Students can learn about geography and how to properly read maps through this interactive online classroom game.

ThinkQuest – Geo-Globe Interactive Geography
Geography games to help students uncover facts about planet earth, its countries, cities, mountains and lakes.

U.S. Department of Education – Learning Geography
Concepts to assist teachers and parents in the education of geography for elementary-aged students.

HMH School Publishers – Types of Land
Learn more about different types of land – including mountains, deserts, plains and islands – by clicking designated areas on the U.S. map.

United Nations – Cyber School Bus
Questions, stories, activities and games to help children learn about the world and its vast history.

Sally Ride Science EarthKAM
Educational collection of photographs of planet Earth taken aboard a space shuttle from the International Space Station.

National Atlas – Where We Are
Students can create their own maps with the online map maker, view printable maps or assemble map layers using geographic information.

BBC – Geography Activities and Games
Large assortment of geography activities, games and educational information for children ages of 4-11.

Science Kids – Geography for Kids
Explore a range of fun games, experiments, images, videos, facts, quizzes, lessons and projects for teachers, parents and their students.

Ipl2 For Kids – Culture Quest World Tour
Interactive guide to learning about the world and its cultures by taking an online trip to Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, North America or South and Central America.

Radar’s Geography for Kids
Kids learn about the earth structure, atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and climates.

Association of Bay Area Governments – Earthquake and Hazards
Learn what causes earthquakes, how to measure the shaking magnitude and the importance of learning about quakes and being prepared.

Exploratorium – Explore the Faultline
Students can join an online faultline crew and travel around the world to learn more about faultlines through experiments and activities.

FedStats – MapStats for Kids
This website provides students with concepts about geography statistics and maps through fun online games.

Ben’s Guide – Place the State
Student’s must put each of the fifty states in their proper location on the United States map in this three level challenging game.

United States Department of Youth – Geography
Online resources for students, educators and parents to help learn about world countries and their cultures.

All About Ponds and Lakes
Basic information on how ponds and lakes are formed, how water temperature changes in these bodies of water and how they transform with the season.

Landforms – Face of the Earth
Glossary of important terms and information on landforms and physical features on Earth’s surface, such as valleys, glaciers and plateaus.

My Wonderful World – Geography Awareness Week
Educators, parents and their students can learn about freshwater through informational guides, activities and videos.

National Park Service – WebRangers
Kids of all ages can play and learn about our National Parks, historic sites and popular monuments through interactive activities.

Maggie’s Earth Adventures – GeoSpy
Children can become spies and complete a mission to identify the Earth’s continents, countries, states and provinces in this online game.

Young Geographers – Project for Primary Schools
Resources for educators to encourage young students to teach children about geography through physical research in their environment.

NOAA Miami Library – Hurricane and Natural Disaster Brochures
Students can keep informed about new weather changes and learn how hurricanes, lightning, floods and other natural disasters happen.

Geography Dictionary and Glossary for Students
Comprehensive list of terms and definitions for students learning about geography topics.

TeacherVision – Geography Teacher Resources
Large collection of geography guides, printables, fact-sheets, quizzes, lesson plans, puzzles and references to assist in the education of students.

Sheppard Software – Geography Games
Children can gain knowledge of the Earth’s continents, countries, capitals and landscapes through these educational online games.

USGS – Paper Models and Animations
Here you will find three-dimensional paper and computer activities that teach geologic processes and phenomena to students.

Country Reports – Information About Countries
Students can find a wide range of information on cultural, historical, statistical aspects of countries around the world.

NASA – Earth: Play, Do, Explore
Extensive collection of games, puzzles, quizzes, activities, books, coloring pages, fun facts, videos and pictures of Earth.